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Guaranteed brain development (if student performs regular practice). Latest learning technologies involving high-tech gadgets..

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To nurture the brilliant minds and guiding them towards a brighter future filled with confidence and ability to make a change..

Our Franchise

Are you bored of tedious life??? Want to explore something new and demanding which will not only gear up your career ..

Welcome to Abacus

Abacus Education is a Supplementary Education which not improves the standard of Mathematics but also improves many qualities of Brain like Listening Power, Visualization, Creativity, Self Confidence, and many more…CWC Abacus Education is an overall brain development program with added features like-I calc, I workout, I write,I memo, I develop, I yoga.


Comfort with Calculations Abacus

Don’t miss the fabulous opportunity of joining the Comfort with Calculations Abacus Family – an opportunity with high ROI...Read On!